Tree Appraisal


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What is the Appraised Value of a tree? What is a tree really worth? Trees provide many benefits and great value to property owners in functional, aesthetic, social, environmental, and even economic ways. Functional benefits include mitigating climate change by storing carbon, removing pollution from the atmosphere, managing stormwater runoff, and improving air quality. Trees provide oxygen and many other benefits — such as shade, which can impact home cooling costs. The collective value of trees makes a difference in people’s health and quality of life in cities and towns everywhere. In fact, it is also possible to calculate the benefits provided by each individual tree in any landscape. It takes a knowledgeable ISA Certified Arborist to calculate these benefits through a Tree Appraisal. A Tree Appraisal assigns a monetary value to the to any tree on a site based on its contribution to the site as a whole. The appraised value of a tree is basically an opinion of the value that a tree contributes to a landscape. The opinion can vary based on the experience and background of the appraiser. All the tree appraisers at are highly trained, experienced and selected for their ability to be unbiased in their approach to tree appraisal.  If you are considering hiring an arborist to appraise the value of your trees contact for an ethical and unbiased appraisal. Review our post about recognizing tree risk here. will provide a tree appraisal to you in the form of a legal document.

The arborist will review the images that are uploaded and provide the appraisal.